A guy walks into a pub and sees George Bush and Tony Blair
sitting at a corner table.
He goes up to the Bartender and says "hey, is that George Bush and Tony Blair sitting over there?"
The bartender replies "yes it is"
The Guy says"What are they talking about then?"
The bartender replies "I don't know why don't you go and ask

The guy wanders over and says "Say are you George Bush and
Tony Blair?"
They reply, why yes we are.

He says well, what are you talking about.
They reply, We're discussing starting WW III.
Oh, the guy replies, what are you going to do.
George replies " Well we're going to kill 12 million Iraqis and
also a stunningly gorgeous blonde."
Why are you going to kill the blonde the guy asks.

Blair nudges Bush in the ribs and says "Told you people wouldn't
care about the 12 million Iraqis"