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    Allright m8s how are you all doing, Fine i hope. What i want to know is are there any Austin Powers fans out there. I saw Austin Powers GoldMember on saturday and i have never laughed so much in my life the film was funny.


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    Not trying to start an argument here, but I saw the film a while ago and thought it was just trying to cash in on the first two! Same jokes and dubious plot.

    That said, it was an enjoyable film. Doubt I'll buy the DVD when it comes out though...
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    Gavin M said:


    same here evil bob, good film same old jokes tho, some new jokes were very funny tho, but i felt they were just doing it because they had a big budget to spend and needed something to throw at the box office for some pocket money
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    {film_man} said:


    same here it was funny but there was not anything diffrent in it
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    gurry said:


    I found the second one to be the funniest.

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    blued said:


    I thought the 3rd film was a bit of a let down when compared to the other 2. Big shoes to fill though! Still had some good laughs.. Nobody else could have played the part Michael Caine did!