f/s - Elnec Programmer/Nok 8310/Allcam sat rec

Thread: f/s - Elnec Programmer/Nok 8310/Allcam sat rec

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    suityou69 said:

    Default f/s - Elnec Programmer/Nok 8310/Allcam sat rec

    Elnec programmer barely used for spec see below
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    Crownhill in the UK are selling them at 395 GBP new

    Ill throw in around 50 24c16 eeproms and 50 16c622 pics to sweeten the deal so lemme know an offer price if your interested

    Next on the agenda Nokia 8310 as these new are fetching in the region of 250 GBP and concidering this is unlocked for all networks I think offers of 140GBP is fair

    And last but by no means least due to a system upgrade im looking to part with my Humax 5100 which has been patched to Allcam and handles the like of the Nagra packages ok along with difficult channels/packages e.g Premiere world no worries and Galaxie but to name a few, the patch is software based and requires a Iderto Eurocam which will be included so im looking in the region of 150 GBP

    Buyers pay postage on top of asking price and a donation from any sales will be made to the forum, if you need any further info or have any questions please pm me.
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    phantasm said:


    Interested in the LabProg..... is it the older model or the newer "+" (plus) one???
    (Or is it the LV48 upgraded???)

    - Don't need the eeprom's or pic's

    Opening offer 100

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    suityou69 said:
    will begrudingly let the elnec go for 180 + postage, its not the plus model
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    got pm dude
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    phantasm said:


    Was that a taker on the elnec biggy, or would you be up for a closer offer suityou69?

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    suityou69 said:

    Default biggy wasnt asking bout the elnec m8

    elnec still up for grabs but im not gonna take anything less than 180 plus p+p as its well over 300 notes new, and this has been barely used.

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    phantasm said:


    Ok, i'm interested at 180.... a few questions:

    1. How much is the P&P?
    2. Whats the full model number written on the programmer?
    i.e. Labprog-48LV, Labprog..., etc...
    3. What is the serial number (as the labprog+ firmware upgrade only works with serial no. 50122 and above)
    4. Inlcudes Original: Box, Manual, Software, Cable and PSU?
    5. Still going to "throw in approx 100 IC's to sweeten the deal"?
    6. As the 16c622's are OTP, have any been used?

    If it's what i'm after, i've got a Elnec Pikprog up for sale, any takers?

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    suityou69 said:

    Default Elnec

    1. Im assuming Parcel Force next day due to weight will be upwards of 6 quid but i dont know exactly id say 8 quid to be on the safe side as its quite heavy.
    2. Goes to prove how much ive used it, it IS a Labprog +
    3. Serial number is 950436
    4 I have the orig box, power lead, paralell cable and software, dug around and cant find the user quide altho one is aval online.
    5. Yes i will as there of no use to me without the programmer
    6. I wouldnt have offered a load of programmed 622's as a sweetener so yes there blank m8

    Also in the box it come with a Diagnostic POD interface which ill include.

    Im not gonna change the price as it is a Labprog + thats my fault for not realising when I put the details up, however even condidering there is no manual im not prepared to drop the price this is my absolute minimum

    So Fiv5 and phantasm lemme know what you want to do
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    PM'd u mate
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    Just PM'ed you.