help with diagram for enigmah chip

Thread: help with diagram for enigmah chip

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    craig6928 said:

    help with diagram for enigmah chip

    hi guys can anyone help me out im away at the moment working
    and i got my xbox sent over to me....
    the main problem i had was that the modchip was in the box
    but there acouple of wires lose all ready arghhhhhhhhhhhh
    the modchip was the enigmah version with the small circuit board
    link problem
    where u solder the wire from the main chip on the modchip
    to the board somewhere

    its the one with the mistake on the pcb
    can any member point me in the right way for the diagram
    as i can not find the one im looking for...

    cheers all


    is it worth getting the modchip put back in or can i flash
    the bios with out soldering all the on the board
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    Freaky said:


    right m8 for the diagrams go here

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    then the enigmah is in the left column, then at the bottom you can veiw or download the diagrams, just choose the enigmah final with pcb-error