Need your opinions here. Gonna upgrade the PC very soon...and have had some feedback from a friend who builds/deals with corporate systems and servers/networks etc. I initially asked him to look out for a P4 2.53 and top spec asus motherboard. But he has come back with a very good deal..he says he can get the new MSI KT400 M/b and new AMD 2700+ for me for around £200-250, well that's how much he just paid for himself. He say's that 1GB of DDR (333) RAM that i want will be around £200.

Any opinions on what this M/b and processor are like? i've always been an Intel person but at this price it's hard not to move over. Most use will be for heavy video editing and capturing and encoding of DVD compliant files. It will also be the front for my Home Cinema PC when connected up to the future LCD projector upgrade so i will be spending a bit extra on sound proofing/quiet psu and fans.

thxs ppl