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Thread: rev limiter?

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    rev limiter?

    does anyone know anything about rev limiters on vans i suspect mine has one to stop it getting the b****x thrashed out of it.anyone know where it would be or how to remove or bypass it?
    its a berlingo1.9d


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    There are but two types of rev limiter, mechanical, which is controled by the rotor arm and centrafugal force, electronic, which is controlled by the brain, of course! the former is easy to circumvent, all you need do is get a rotor arm that does not have the "rev limiter" built in. Electronic ain't so easy and unless your pretty much well up on the basis of engine electronics is well worth avoiding.

    OOOOPS! Don't even remember replying to this one, sorry! Bacardi, tsk! I failed to absorb the fact you were asking about a diesel van. You may find some sort of mechanical limiting device on the throttle where it connects to the pump assembly. Sorry I never read your post properly in the first place.
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