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    Default Elderly Gent 18 cert

    An ederly gent is in a long queue awaiting to cash his pension. Eventually he arrives at a window where the person behind is expecting a "usual" miserable person. Instead he is whistling and singing. "Good morning Miss, what a fine morning it is today"
    She smiles and asks how come he is so happy. "It's my birthday today, can you guess how old i am?" She is a little shy and explains politely that she is no good at guessing ages. He badgers her for an answer and eventually she estimates "66?".
    "72" he says, winks, takes his money and skips out of the post office.
    He arrives in the butchers and joins another queue. After twenty minutes he is still whistling and singing. The same scenario follows with the guessing game. The assistant eventually guesses "68" and he replies again "72" followed by the skip and exit.
    At the bus stop he is still singing when a little old lady taps him on the shoulder and asks him why he is so happy.
    "It's my birthday today. Can you guess my age?"
    She says "Hang on". She gently gets on her knees and performs and oral act upon the gentleman. When finished she arises licking her lips and states "72"
    He says "How could you tell that from doing that?"
    She says "I can't. I stood behind you in the post office"

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    not that funny, bit of an anti climax if you ask me. was expecting a better ending

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