Just a comment, Ok we have diffrent threads here for mobiles, computers, etc, but i would like to recommend a new thread for smart cards.
This is not for posting hex files or satellite related its for the discussion on smart card types and what they can be used for legaly. Ok maybe that may be a bit funny coming from me, but yes there are many legal uses for smart cards including PIC cards and i recommend we should have this section on here.

Also what a smartcard can be used for, for example i have many types of smart cards sent me, experimetal type and production type, i have now some samples of the SuperPIC Zen Card which has a PIC18F452 + 24C256 and it will be nice to have a section that describes what this card can be used for.

Also maybe hardware and software for legal uses, for example ID software, that uses a gold wafer card and a smartmouse programmer. It just shows you that PIC cards and Hardware that companys sell can have a legal use.

Ok so if there is a section here for this then ok, if not, can i have some feed back please good or bad.