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    Surggestion for NEW forum section.

    I would like to suggest a new forum section for technical issues with smart cards and applications that are not related to sat.

    There are many diffrent smart cards out there and yes the subject may go into sat related due to a lot of PIC and Atmel cards used for this, but also i would like to see more information with regard to memory cards and applications used using say PIC cards for ID purposes etc.

    Now i have a wide knowledge on smart cards and there use, including phone cards, id cards, fidelity cards etc.

    I have also had many people thats asked for my help with regard to smart card programmers and PIC cards that have been taken by customs and they had to proof a legal use for these items, and of cause i have given people software for this legal use.

    Now without going on, i opened a company in Tunisia, which uses smart cards for legal uses, i also supply smartcards to people who also use them for legal use. Everyone seems to think that a PIC or Atmel card can be used only for sat, this is very, very wrong and a section here would help other people in future, maybe with legal issues.

    Ok so we have diffrent threads here for mobiles, computers, etc, but this is not for posting hex files or satellite related its for the discussion on smart card types and what they can be used for legaly. Ok maybe that may be a bit funny coming from me, but yes there are many legal uses for smart cards including PIC cards and i think we should have this section on here.

    Also what a smartcard can be used for, for example i have many types of smart cards sent me, experimetal type and production type, i have now some samples of the SuperPIC Zen Card which has a PIC18F452 + 24C256 and it will be nice to have a section that describes what this card can be used for.

    Also maybe hardware and software for legal uses, for example ID software, that uses a gold wafer card and a smartmouse programmer. It just shows you that PIC cards and Hardware that suppliers sell can have a legal use.

    Ok so if there is a section here for this then ok, if not, can i have some feed back please good or bad.

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    It would be nice to see it again
    Have Fun.

    U.N.C.L.E. X

    More UNCLEX than last week but less next :woot:

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