This young boy was bored in his bedroom one day so popped into his sisters room. In there he found her in a compromising postition with her boyfriend.
"What are you doing sis ?" he said.
"I am playing cards, and this is my partner who i am playing against".
"OK" he said and walked off.
He went into his mothers room and found her busy with the milkman. "What are you doing Mum?"
She replied "I am playing a game of cards with the milkman. He is my poker partner" With that the boy walked off.
Even more bored now he wanders into the garden and opens the shed door to find his grandad masturbating furiously sitting on a large plant pot.
"What you doing grandad?"
"Why, i am playing cards"
"If you are playing cards, where is your partner?"
The grandad replied "When you have a hand as good as this, who needs a partner".