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    Default Need a Halo file in exchange for hosting

    Hi all

    I recently bought myself a cheap 2nd hand copy of Halo and have been loving it. However, I have come across a problem in that my disc is damaged. For some reason the only map I cannot play is the one after the Library.

    The map in question is called on the CD and I know this as I tried copying the game across to my Hard Drive to see if that would help, and that was the only one that would not copy across.

    I dont know if it is allowed for me to ask this, but is there anyone out there that could send me this file? You can easily get it by copying it onto your HDD and then FTPing to it and grabbing it. If anyone is kind enough to do this for me then I will offer in return free hosting for a domain name that they own. So if you have free hosting somewhere or are not content with your current hosts then I can offer ASP support among other things.

    I cannot allow you to host illegal files (from warez or mp3s to porn) and neither can I allow it to be as a file hold just for large files for people to download, but it is great hosting for websites, be they dynamic or otherwise. I can even set up DSNs if you want to have a database connected to it. It isnt hosted on my computer but I am a reseller for so can offer this to you.

    I appreciate anyone who responds.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Easy enough, just go rent it dude

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    no sorry, it's not allowed to ask for illegal warez, however small

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