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    Default Help please with finishing touches

    Hi, I'm about to order a 1m motorized dish system (polar-mounted) with an echostar 2600 receiver (around a grand all in, not too bad since it's down the bottom of the garden and an awkward wiring job).

    I just need a couple of questions answered if possible:

    firstly, I know that the echostar has Via built in, but I'll need something else, since I'd like to pick up Seca/Seca2 (I know seca 2's not hacked yet), and maybe nagra (is it still worth getting nagra, or is hispasat going all-seca2?). Are there any decent multi-standard cams out there, that will pick up all that I need, or will I need to buy multiple cams? (the 2600 has 2 ci slots)

    also, what will I be able to get using Via for the time being across that spectrum (28e - 30w), in the way of footy, movies and porn?

    and one last thing, what's a decent place to find the hex files?

    cheers for any help you can offer

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    I Don't use magic cam but from what i have read it is able to decrypt different systems and use 5in1/6in1 files on funcard to do multiple decryption.

    Try to find more about this or allcam to add to your reciever.


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