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    Default Brotherhood of the Wolf (R1) - 3 DVD Set £ 21.99

    They got it at CD-WOW for £21.99 which knocks £ 4 of price. If anyone is interested.

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    They also have Clerks, Chasing Amy, Man Bites Dog, and a lot more for £ 7.99 in the Sale at the moment

    Here are some details of the BOTW 3 DVD Set

    Disc 1:
    *Widescreen 2.35:1 aspect ratio
    *5.1 English Dolby Digital
    *5.1 French Dolby Digital
    *5.1 DTS French
    *English/French Subtitles
    *Director and Actors Commentaries (french)
    *Optional English or French Menu Screen

    Disc 2:
    *The Making Of (original French with english subtitles)
    *Deleted Scenes (original French with english subtitles)
    *The Legend (original French with english subtitles)
    *Filmographies (english/French)
    *Bonus ROM

    Disc 3:
    *Documentary (original French with english subtitles)
    *Storyboard (English/French)
    *Photo Gallery
    *Bonus ROM
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