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    Default Old sat hand newbie to Nok 9600 Help?

    Sorry to ask this but....... reading thru the forum and doing a search on Yahoo i still cant find a simple rough guide to the Nokia 9600, heard its the bee's nees and you have to have Dr Overflow's software but why? What does it do?

    Also do I need to retain my iderto eurocam (1.06)and aston 1.03 cams to make the most of the system, or does it come with an internal cam that can be patched or as with my Humax 5100 if i use the Iderto cam in conjunction with the reciever will it make it an Allcam?

    And any advice on anything else you peeps think are relavent to a newbie with this reciever would be most appriciated

    Thanks in advance

    An Ever Going Grey


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    The Nokia 9600 are raved about for several reasons...

    1. It has a SCSI interface.
    - So you can record tv directly to the PC, without the need for a capture card.
    - You can control a SCSI CDRom to play music CD's

    2. Due to the autosearch tuner - It's an ideal box for feed hunters (Sport, News uplinks to TV broadcaster)

    3. The infamous "Dr Overflows" software.....
    - The original Nokia software was still slow and cumbersome in many respects. People thought it was capable of much more, and one guy, Dr Overflow, decided to have a go at writing his own software.
    - Along with the faster software, you get extra options like the features above.

    The 9600 doesn't come with an internal CAM, only a single CI slot, which will take your Irdeto & Aston.

    As far as I know, the 9600 won't currently multicrypt with an Irdeto2 (1.06) eurocam like the Humax.
    It will however with a Freecam or Magicam.

    Watch out when buying a Nokia 9200 or 9500. These are very simular to the 9600 execpt they have a "Non-Common" interface which won't your CI CAMS. Make sure the box has it's "non-common irdeto cam" as these are getting VERY hard to get hold of.
    BTW: The "NonCommon" Irdeto cam be converted to multicrypt

    One final note.
    The Nokia 9600's cam in a couple of flavors:
    9600 - SCSI, No Modem
    9601 - No SCSI, Includes a Modem
    9602 - No SCSI, Includes a Modem
    9610 - SCSI, Modem
    (Note: Modem is of no use)

    Other than the obvious, these boxes have no real hardware difference. The number just notes which country/provider the box was intended for.

    I see your selling your 5100, if you thinking about getting a nokia... try to play with one before parting with your cash!
    The channel searching is slow, the Overflow menuing is a bit complex, the Channel up/down go in the opposite direction to the menu up/down.
    Most 92/95/96 owners update the channel list from settings files (off the net) via the serial port.

    I've now gone through having: Nokia 9800, 9601 and a Humax 5400.... (Mostlly liked the 9800) But currently waiting for the dreambox to come out...

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    As far as I know, the 9600 won't currently multicrypt with an Irdeto2 (1.06) eurocam like the Humax.
    using wannisa it will

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