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    EA long time feeder of titbits to nintendo owners whilst others got swamped with releases is finaly coming to terms with reality.

    Having been unable to make sufficient improvements to it knockout kings 2002 boxing title on the ps2 the jump to the new gen consoles was their only choice, then came the dilema, they had already witnessed poor sales of previous EA titles on microsofts failing xbox console whilst seeing impressive sales of its gamecube titles, after some thought EA have decided that their original plans to scale back releases on the xbox to the "big name" titles were not drastic enough and are now considering ceasing production of xbox titles altogether making knockout kings 2003 their first nintendo exclusive title.

    In other news legends of wrestling 2 will contain a few british wrestlers (big daddy, giant haystaks, mick mcmanus and a couple of others) on the gamecube (and possibly others), konami confirms that metal gear solid substance is coming to the gamecube (with added features over the xbox version).

    another adult title is also coming to gamecube miramax studios and vivendi universal are bringing a game based on quentin tarruntino's new film "kill bill" at present it is only scheduled to appear on one new generation console

    Empire have hired famed cbm64 music composer tim follin to provide the soundtrack for their forthcoming gamecube game based on starskey and hutch.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] will zip you off to view one of the tv commercials for need for speed hot persuit 2 (released yesterday on the gamecube). here is another [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    and this is the third [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    just a few more reasons to curse datel and wait for an alternative

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    *DUM DUM DUM* and over to linda for the weaher

    not suprised at EA mind u,i honestly thought PS2 versions of there games were better anyways, now it wouldnt suprised me if more company's pulled out from xbox, EA is one of the biggest names out there at the moment, and if they carnt sell much i dred to think what other company's are making (apart from m$ of course)
    btw everyone in here says there sick of K.O kings titles, 2001 was the last one they tried! same goes for fifa! SSX rules tho, suppose thats under the big name tho isnt it...
    in shorter news tho looks like gamecubes catching up close to becoming a number one selling console all over the world!
    realy hope it makes it to that top spot, then datel might push th frigen freeloader out lol been far to long coming that, i'm just buying a USA machine now, mario out 2mora, am off into town 2day soon as i get time to try and scam one carnt be arsed to go on fridays

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