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    Default Changing fan on old CPU

    I have an old PIII 500. The Psu is reasonable quiet...but the CPU/fan is quiet loud. I'm just confused as to how to go about changing the fan (maybe papst). The processor/casing is a rectangular shape and is mount in slot shape with the dinky fan pushing air sideways rather than cpu being flat mounted on the motherboard and pushing air away from the motherboard...don't know if i can get a fan for this type of processor or even an adaptor of some sort.

    Any previous knowledge of prehistoric processor is appreciated!!!...just that probably gonna end giving it to my little sister and want 2 quiten it down a little.:o

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    you can usually unclip the heatsink and fan and clip another in it's place or you can just unscrew / unclip the fan on it's own and find one of the same size and clip / screw it back in place
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