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Thread: Ole and Sven

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    Default Ole and Sven

    > Ole and Sven went fishing
    > After a while, Sven caught a huge fish and decided to celebrate with a
    > cigar
    > He patted all his pockets but couldnt find his matches so he asked Ole if
    > he had a light
    > Ole said he did and got a huge bic lighter out of his tackle box.
    > Sven said "that's Huge! Where did you get it?"
    > Ole replied "I was given it by the genie in my tackle box"
    > Sven said "I refuse to believe that your tackle box is inhabited by a
    > genie"
    > Ole just rubbed the handle of the box and a blue genie materialised above
    > the box
    > The genie said "what is your will, master?"
    > Ole said "please grant my friend, Sven, a wish to prove that you are real"
    > The genie bowed and said "yes Master" and turning to Sven said "what is
    > your wish, friend of my Master"
    > Sven, in some astonishment, said "I'ld like a million bucks"
    > The genie intoned "done" and vanished.
    > A few seconds later the sky was darkened by a huge flock of ducks. there
    > were pintails, mallards, ruddy ducks and all sorts of others.
    > Sven screamed "I said bucks not ducks"
    > Ole smiled ruefully and said "I think hes a bit deaf, I was disappointed
    > to get a huge bic."

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