I'm pissed off with not being able to find my music MODS please delete if this request is a bit near the knuckle......

I constantly use Ng's and Kazaa and the like to get my mp3's but noone seems to be into the same shit I like so I struggle to find a solid good place to get new stuff.

Simple way of finding if your into the same stuff as me is to ask

Do you read jockey slut?

looking at the latest issue I'm trying to find.
Jolly Music - Jolly Bar
Gus Gus - Attention
Metro Area - Metro Area
Polyphonic Spree - The beginnning stages of

I've found
Lemon Jelly - Lost Horizons
St Etienne - Finisterre
Medicine 8 - Iron Stylings
Cassius - Au Reve

So is anyone on here into the same stuff and if so where do you find your shit?
The best NG seems to be a.b.warez.uk.mp3, does anyone know any other good ones that aren't full of USA tat!
Kazaa just gets on my tits you often find stuff but the *******s cut you off