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    Default American Pie 3 - plot info long as stifler is in it i am sure it will be good fun!!

    Alyson Hannigan was on Carson Daily this morning and she is, indeed, in the film. The movie is tentatively titled, "American Wedding," and filming begins in January 2003, for a summer 2003 release. Hannigan says she's as excited about this one as she was over the first. She says the script is wonderful, and that she was never contractually obliged to do an "American" sequel, but she took the second and third because she thought they were both excellent screenplays (I'm sure her paycheck wasn't bad, either). It was also heavily hinted at by both Carson and Alyson that the wedding in "American Wedding" is between Jim (Jason Biggs, who is returning) and Alyson's flute playing sex-freak with the heart of gold, Michelle. Seann William Scott is coming back as Stifler - I'm guessing he'll be the best man at the wedding - and Eugene Levy will return as Jim's dad. From the sounds of it, no other original cast member will return. This smells of a tamed down PG-13 summer romantic comedy, to me. Oh well. Hopefully this info. helps, so I can say, "

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    omg the film should be sweet

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    Hmm.... I wonder.. I know that the characters mentioned are the funniest but I am wondering if that's a Bernard Matthews in the making.. I thought the whole point of teen-flicks was to have as little responsibility on the characters storylines.

    Let's cross our fingers and hope they don't sell out to the franchise and give us some b0110cks
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