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    Default Retirement

    A norwegian man came to Sweden on a business trip, landing in Stockholm airport. He was booked in a hotel in the center of town, so he took a cab from the airport. After a while they drove through the red light district of Stockholm. He made big eyes at this and spoke to the driver:
    "All I see along these streets are beautiful young women! Aren't there any elderly here in Sweden!?"
    The cabbĂ*e, who thought he'd pull this guys leg a bit, answered:
    "Nah, we don't like to have to pay for their retirement, so we run them over if we see them on the street!"
    The norwegian was quietly astounded by this for a few seconds before they took a turn and saw a very old woman crossing the street about a hundred yards ahead.
    "Oh, look!" the cab driver shouted, happy that the norwegian guy seemed to have fallen for his joke, "There is one! Lets get her!"
    And so he drove down the street at an enormous speed towards the old woman, just narrowly "missing" her with the car when he got there.
    "Dang it!", he shouted, "We missed that one!"
    "Oh no we didnt!", he heard the norwegian guy say.
    Terrified, the cabbie looked in the back mirror and saw to his horror that the old woman was lying dead on the street behind them.
    "B-but I missed her!" he stuttered.
    "Yeah," the norwegian guy answered, "I saw you were going to miss her, so I rammed her with the door as we went by!"

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