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    Default Free Evaluation GC Dev S/W

    Dont know if this has been posted before (Or even if its anyuse to anyone) but these guys offer a free evaluation copy.

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    The power and flexibility of CodeWarrior development tools helped Nintendo’s hardware designers combine the highest level of performance with an interface that allows developers to immerse themselves in the worlds they create. But developers don’t benefit from CodeWarrior through the GAMECUBE OS alone. CodeWarrior tools integrate seamlessly with the GAMECUBE OS, reducing learning curves, frustration and time-to-market. The CodeWarrior C/C++ Compiler generates code optimized for the Gekko** processor, while the debugger provides fast stepping speed for the GAMECUBE Development Kit.
    The NINTENDO GAMECUBE™ OS was built with CodeWarrior so your code will integrate seamlessly.

    CodeWarrior’s debugger provides fast stepping speed for the Dolphin Development Kit through MetroTRK*.

    Get Gekko** -specific assembler instructions from the CodeWarrior assembler.

    Speed your time to market by creating, compiling, linking, assembling, and debugging within a single, integrated development environment. Use our tightly-integrated tools to speed your development time or “plug-in” familiar third-party editors, compilers and debuggers.

    Create fast, highly-optimized code in the market with CodeWarrior’s ANSI C/C++ compliant compilers.

    CodeWarrior Analysis Tools will be available for NINTENDO GAMECUBE™, so you can find performance bottlenecks and ensure adequate test suite coverage during the QA process.
    Looks like only devvers etc will get any use fform this as teh following is needed to check it out Unless some one knows somethign else

    -NINTENDO GAMECUBE™ Development Hardware (DDH)
    -GameOptix installation CD, controller card and cables supplied by Applied Microsystems
    -NINTENDO GAMECUBE Operating System CD
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