on of my old boys called this morning to say he was off work (again).

this is the third time since he was 16 that he has suffered from a collapsed lung, this time 20% of his right lung collapsed, the doctor says its his size and build, he's 5'11" but skinny (always has been, used to be very athletic at school (needed to be to get away from the moslem gangs))

He smokes cigs and other "stuff", he's not beyond taking the odd e or dose of "phet"(?sp) against my wishes, but hes 24 so i cant do much about it as he doesnt live here.

I just wondered if there was any excercise he could do or anything else to strengthen his lungs to stop this happpening as it causes him a lot of pain when it happens and each time it seems to be more of his lung that collapses, oh and he works as a flt driver in a wharehouse that deals with alchopops.