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    Default Some more Lottery farce

    Headed by the wife of the Jewish "EU" collaborator and quisling,
    Leon Brittain (who never went to university and never held a job)
    it has awarded only £1 million over 7 years to help disabled
    men and women - a mere £142,000 a year - but £68 million to
    help asylum seekers !

    The degree of the subversion and treason of this part of Blair's
    "Treason Machine" may be judged by the awards they have
    coldly turned down - and those they have generously endowed
    with out money.


    Royal Alfred Seafarers Association
    £1.9 million to build home for disabled seafarers

    St.Dunstans home for the war blind
    £587,000 to refurbish residential centre

    Royal British Legion
    £500,000 help towards residential home for disabled

    Combat Stress
    £400,000 help for armed forces suffering combat stress

    Leeds Wounded Warriors
    £80,000 towards coach to transport disabled

    Royal Star and Garter Home
    help towards the £5 million p.a cost of homes for
    disabled servicemen.


    £1.5 million - gay rights

    Runnymede Trust
    £350,000 - think tank who called the word 'British' racist

    Action Group for Irish Youth
    £204,459 - Investigate welfare of Irish travellers in Britain

    London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard
    £200,000 - network of gay helplines

    Scottish pr0stitutes Education Project
    £81,553 - aromatherapy and advice for pr0stitutes

    Yorkshire Mesmac
    £75,000 - health services for male pr0stitutes

    Gender Trust
    £33,750 - for transsexuals and others 'uneasy about their sexuality'

    South Armagh Farmers' & Residents'
    £5,000 - Campaign for removal of British troops

    So there you have it. The blatant theft of public money for
    the promotion of a subversive and corrosive political agenda - and
    the denial of funds to those who deserve it and to whom the public
    would wish to give it.

    Obviously this gang of verminous Blairite rats will be subject to
    an investigation - when a British government is restored to Britain,
    to determine whether any corruption is involved - and if there has
    been to enforce the appropriate criminal cases.

    Needless to say, that other arm of the Blair "Treason Machine",
    the BBC, has retorted to these articles by suggesting that the
    Daily Mail is being investigated by the police for "racism" !!!

    A blatant lie and wishful thinking on the behalf of the Marxist
    filth who run the BBC - although no doubt some of them will
    have attempted to lay "racism" complaints against the Daily Mail
    for exposing this evil racket and misappropriation of public
    funds by their vile fellow travellers.

    One of the things I look forward to most - and with utmost
    confidence - is the mass arrest of the Marxist criminals at the
    BBC - and the mass dismissal of this evil quango - followed
    by a judicial investigation - and the stern enforcement of any
    subsequent criminal charges that might arise.

    Don't buy a lottery ticket !

    You are merely giving your money to Britain's determined
    enemies !

    (And the chances of you ever recovering your money by
    winning is so infinitesimally small as to be to all practical
    purposes zero.)

    The lottery suck money out of the economy and impoverishes
    households - especially amongst the poor and desperate.

    Don't help them do it !


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    Default Oi

    U nicked my stuff 11-10-2002 10:38 PM Lottery Money
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I also got the addy of Lady Britton ( ner ner ) to complain to

    AND I hit the local rag 2nite


    12:00 - 16 October 2002

    Sir, - I am writing to you as I was appalled to see protesters in Hanley on Saturday when I went shopping with my mother. They were protesting to "save our country" as there are no longer just British people living in our country. Do these idiots actually forget that some of these "other races" are their doctors, nurses, dentists - and even their friends. But they never think about them when they are being racist. They stood there smug with banners up and the British flag flying. These people are giving our country a bad name. I felt ashamed that people from Stoke-on-Trent could be that inconsiderate, as black people and people of mixed races walked passed as other people where signing this petition. My mother and I were very angry and upset to see this, especially as I was getting ideas for what I wanted for my 15th birthday. When I got home I couldn't get the anger out of me and decided to write to you to tell you how I feel about it.

    ZOE EDWARDS Address Supplied

    Zoe, come back when youv'e grown up and have a right to say how taxpayers money is spent. And please tell your puppet master we were protesting AGAINST £18 million WHITTLE COURT asylum centre, while they close down 8 OAP homes AND a school for a mosque

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    Unbelievable - don't get me wrong there are people out there who need help but a lot of refugees are coming over here to scrounge..

    This Lottery Commission board is a joke and wants outing

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    i always do the irish lott i think ive bought about 3 of our lott tickets from the start ive never liked it now i lke it even less


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    Default lotto

    The lotto, or what ever, is the gov`ts poor mans tax.. playing on the masses gullibility in thinking that we will win a fortune. But the sums involved, although in decline, still make huge numbers and it is the responibility of the ordinary, straight thinking, non-queer, literate public to boycott this gigantic scam. Although I dont totally agree with Richard Bransons capitalist money making machine I feel he was stitched up after winning/ losing the right to run the c**ting thing. I don`t play now.

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    Few more Virgin trains about though now, or havn't U noticed, thats how the "system" works.

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