well lets hope that this one is done properly like Dog Soldiers was!!

after reading this article i am totally pissed off with Holly wood. Before this film is even made they have procclaimed that Wes Craven and ****ing Kevin 'Dawsens Creek' Williams have "reinvented" the WereWolf franchise........well excuse me, have you twats not heard of Dog Soldiers which was VERY popular in the states.....i think THEY are the ones that have reinvented the franchise you pretencious American arseholes.

read for yourself

Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson re-team for a werewolf flick.

There's new life today on a project that was first reported back in August of 2000. At that time, it was announced that Scream writer and Dawson's Creek creator Kevin Williamson was working on an original thriller entitled Cursed, for Dimension films. The film revolved around a serial killer and was described as being "in the vein of Silence of the Lambs." Now, new information gleaned from a press release reveals that the film will actually be a werewolf flick. A serial werewolf? Since, as you'll see, the tone of these projects don't match, it's possible some of that early info was bad, or that these are two different films. There may have been some title swapping.

Cursed will be directed by horror genre icon Wes Craven. The story is reportedly set in Los Angeles, and is billed as "a modern, hip twist on the classic werewolf tale."

Dimension co-chair Bob Weinstein said, "Kevin wrote a fun, scary and surprise-filled script just like the original Scream. The only person I thought of to direct it was Wes Craven, and I couldn't be more excited to team them up again for what I think is another crowd-pleasing thrill ride. In the way they made scary movies fun, Kevin and Wes will reinvent the werewolf genre." He added, "The new twist element here is special effects, because we're determined to show audiences something they've not seen before."

Cursed is tentatively set for an August 8th release. Dimension hopes to launch a Cursed franchise with the film