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    Default Trimming

    about 6 months ago i decided i wanted to put on weight for sports. I am about 6'3 and weighed about 12'7, i got up 2 just about 13'10 and stopped immedietly, satisfied with my gain.

    I think a lot of this gain was muscle as i worked with heavy weights and changed my eating plan to include protein.

    Newayz, now i hav excess fat which i would like 2 trim off, i was told it wud b easier not 2 worry about it while i was putting on weight which i think was true.

    2 cut a long story short i want 2 lost fat especially around my face and belly, what can i do?

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    Right when you trained your weight increase was prob muscle but muscle starts to break back down after 5 days but your appetite doesnt dissapear that quick. Going back to the gym and doing high reps less weight will help you then you can eat the same, or taking pro lean or hydroxy cut etc, i`ve posted links to pro lean before it`s very good stuff.
    Doing heavy leg workouts would help as well because then your legs would burn off so many calories when there recovering and also it`s easier to have big legs than a big belly.
    Contact me if you need any more advice

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