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    Help needed please with Hauppauge wintv nova t

    The problem is that the card worked fine before but turned on machine thursday and windows bombed ,correcting files when starting up and had to re-install system (windows 2000), Tv card worked but hung after installing windows, so unistalled drivers, software and restarted machine, re-installed drivers, software and now when it autoscans for channels the pannel that is scanning psi/si, PAT, PMTS and SDT are all grey'ed-out, before they turned black when scanning and the channels would be listed in channel pannel, not now? using the same cd to install drivers etc as before,


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    Default Happauge Nova

    I had same thing. Will check mine out again 9hopefully) today.
    If still no good wil strip out and re-install and advise.
    Try also the latest drivers fro0m their UK site and there is one file that is good as it unloads at just a touch of the "Enter" button.
    Then go to the Control Panel delete completely. If you have Nexus go to the sound etc., and there is a further item there that needs deleting. Then strip out drivers.
    Close down ans restrat. You are then asked for the drivers, I go to ther folder where I downloaded them from then when re-installed go straight to the set up for software.
    I think that also when they were resetting up Free TV or whatever it was not a good time to lay about.
    All the best?

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