hi lads heres what i have found out

first thing to do is check your ip and subnet settings of your pc
by doing the following

1} hit the start button then run button then type in winipcfg then enter, a box will come up with your ip address and subnet if its all 0000 press the rrow key and pick your ethernet card it should be something like this


but this can vary

ok know you know your settings .

connect are crossover cable beween the pc and the xbox
thats if you are not going threw a hub, if you are going threw a hub use a straight threw cable. there is plenty of posts on the forum on the cables how to make just do a search .

2} ok know boot your xbox with evox on it.and go to settings for the network change the net work setting to the same as your computer settings apart from the last number of your ip

example your computer ip
set your change your xbox ip to
then this is the important bit click none then scroll down to the bottom of the page because you cannot see the save and exit reboot your box and check the settings are still the same, ok you should be setup now.

3}go back on the computer press start button ,then run button and now type ping and then space bar and then what ever your ip address was you just added to your xbox.
example ping the reply should be pinging
3 times if not check your settings and cables are ok, then try again.

4} once you have your xbox pinging we can now start the ftp programme .

go to file then quick connect, put your ip address in and subnet

user name the default is xbox and password is xbox thats if you have not changed it ,in settings on your xbox now press enterif all is well you should be able to see all the drive letters c: d: e: etc ok hope this is of some help