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    XBOX Advice Please

    Ive decided to get an X-Box..

    I would like to have it chipped etc.. Whats the best way to do it ?

    Should I buy one then get it chipped somewhere ?
    Are they easy to chip, can I do it myself ? Ive chipped a few PSX and PS1 consoles in the past, so I have a bit of experience..

    Is there anywhere doing them ready chipped ?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Kind Regards

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    if you think you are a competent chipper m8, then go for it and get a chip and do it yourself, get an x-ecuter they have just 1 wire and 9 other easy to solder points (not wires), here is the site so you can see it and how its done
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    or if you wish to buy one already chipped then you can get one from here, someone from this forum got one from them and said they were very reliable
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    forgot to say m8, be carefull, the new xboxes dont work with the current chips, although x-ecuter have already fixed this with thier new chip, but the chip isnt out yet, dont know when its out to be honest so if you want to get it now, then make sure you get an old box, the new ones are more shiny, look at the date i think if its made after march 2002 then its a new one, ill check that date for ya to make sure
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    The best way would be getting someone else to do it for you I suppose

    If you decide to mod it yourself - the lpc points are holes in the board with a load of solder in them, easy to do

    If you go for a mod that uses the test points underneath they are easy too - they are pre soldered - not enough to hold a wire but extra solder goes right onto them.

    Bear in mind if you go somewhere and buy one right now you're likely to get a newer one (with the 1337o cyrpto security ) - so you might wanna wait for a suitable mod to be out and about before you get one just incase

    (edit) didn't think I took that long to type a reply :bleh:
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