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    Team Xbox forums

    Not Slagging america/Most Americans in any way here but those forums are full of jumped up wankers, Ask any question and some prick will come out with a smart assed comment like Check the search feature, Or this has been posted before,Or you slagging the Xbox why bother posting here.Acctualy There are some realy imformed people there but the most are just Modorator wannabies (you know the type).:shock:
    As soon as the word Mod chip is mentioned LOL you should here them scream, The funny thing is when some one posts some thing like Splinter Cell Beta and its pretty obvious who and what this bloke is up to, Some of the lame asses think hes a tester and thank him for putting prior info and asking questions, Then they realise and say LOCK this thread start shouting for Modorators to come and lock it. What a weird bunch.
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    Not quite sure what the hell im talking about..Just nod and i mite shut up......

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    word worm lol i thought u were joking had to come on and check lol

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