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    Default Time Splitters 2 (PAL) 2 NTSC (USA) Fix

    Don't know if anyone is USA or beyond ever tried to boot the PAL version of Time Splitters 2 but many reported it had some Region lock code.

    On a USA machine you had to set your EEPROM to PAL (using Video Mode Selector) and then ended up with black / white scrolling screen due to Video mode. In normal NTSC mode it does not work.

    On my PAL machine set to NTSC EEPROM I got sound and no picture, bit odd....

    Anyways, I received some info from Engage and I used my friend Whirlwind in the USA to do a bit of a test. Turns out u can fix Time Splitters 2 (PAL) to work on NTSC (USA) systems.

    Even got it working perfect on my system when it was set to NTSC.

    If anyone wants to try the fix it's available at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] you must register with a valid e-mail address so that you receive your password to access the downloads.

    I hope some of you find this information interesting...

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    hmm yeah there i some protection there. Whether it is meant or not remains to seen tho.

    Nice to see that someone has fixed it.

    Theres been serveral games like this with the same symptoms, but no one was bothered out them.


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