hope this cheers you up a little bit

Nintendo Registers MMORPG Patent
“Nintendo has at the beginning of this week an entry with Japan patent Office makes to leave. In the registration it that a server is installed, is called on which ' Massively Multiplayer Online' plays is executable. To which system NINT DOS entry applies, is not well-known. “

Nintendo has said that this December they will announce what they call a “Big Bomb”. This announcement is said to affect GameCube Hardware sales significantly. Will this new registered server have something to do with December’s announcement? We don’t know yet, but we are working on finding out more information. Possibly a Pokemon MMORPG? Maybe some sort of other Famous Nintendo franchise will make it’s transfer into the On-Line world.

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Basicly nintendo have issued patents in japan for a massive new type of online service allowing thousands of people to compete online with each other at once, this is designed to run on current gamecube hardware. could you imagine a 50 player mario kart gp series? or knowing that everyone you bump into on thps5 is a real person somewhere around the world? and just think of the rpg possibilities, i've never been a lover of online games, but these just sound TOO GOOD to miss out on .