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    The real men in Black

    did anyone see the T.V program on discovery at the weekend, called "beyond the truth"? It was about the CIA putting chips in people from the early 50's.

    I text ABCMAN to let him know, but don't know wether he saw it or not....

    I have spoke about this before, not that people seem to take much notice as to what they are told what's going on in this world.


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    strange really.. people tend to "believe" what they see in tv series, movies etc. But, when it comes to things that are 100% real people tend to "back off". I think the general public would be scared to death if they accepted that there are more things happening than they believe.

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    hi there has been a lot of chipping going on with the human race
    for a very longtime
    its very easy to do and it can simply be done with out you
    knowing at all...........(injections)
    people are scared to know what is the truth of what is happening
    on the earth............. (other meaning they are scared)
    over the years things will change in all of our life
    they control everything from the news papers to the tv channels
    the only thing they can not control is the internet as its way to
    men in black or mib do still go on in the usa..........
    i was talking with a person in texas who told me that her
    daughter saw two people who came in her room that where
    wearing black suits and a hat and there skin was pale and no
    and this really shock there daugther up as they came out of
    no where
    and simple told her if she talked what she saw she would
    never come home again and go missing for good

    chipping is the way to go now just think if u got a mobile phone
    and u decide to rob a bank
    and u get arrested and say u where not there
    they can pin point where u where then and there
    with the repeaters that are around the towns

    so again big brother watching us all

    here a example

    usa going throu the airports u got to tell them how much u have
    got on yourself
    if u lie u can lose that money forever
    again something in the bank note to tell them how much is in
    there could be to do with the metal strip

    end of the day human and most humans could not take what
    is really happening right now
    we are simply not ready for them but some people are

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