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    Hi all!!
    First of all, thx abcman for reply my post in titanchip forums.
    dou you know precisionmods people?
    A team member ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ]) said in a forum this:
    "Have you all heard? It's been done. 70 freakin' wires!
    It's been done. No net sources to back me up, but I got it on good word. Right now it's at 70 wires. Hopefully the # of wires will be cut down. ETA when it hits the street is before XMas."
    What doy you think about that? [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] is the forum.

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    i think he must have got his info from one of two places one came from [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] another group dedicated to faking the fact they had made a mod. which they later admitted was a fake in this statement

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    Do you continue to discuss the possibilities of the gamecube being hacked, when the truth is presented in your faces. The website was a FAKE. We admit. But we have close ties with the others. Dont retard our group. We know what we are doing.
    the precisionmods site is still posting pictures of the old xecuter 1.0 when even the xecuter 1.1 is soon to be replaced by the xecuter 2.0 (look around this site) and they are basicly modchip retailers not makers/designers.

    the modchipforums is owned by a company called ********* and sadly i dont have anything to do with them or their site so i cant tell you what is on their forums. however is sounds rather like someone has copied a post by someone on another of the large forums across, certainly if you look at the pics on the technodevices page (that were emailed in to them anonimosly(sp?)) you will see that there were a lot of wires on that chip.

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    titanmods site .......
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