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Thread: 106 Radio code

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    Default 106 Radio code

    Hey all,

    A colleague of mine has a Peugeot 106 N reg (think its an 'Aztec' model)

    She seems to have had some problems with her rear lights, which her husband put down to water in the electrics somewhere. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he took the battery off the car and the radio is asking for the code. Not sure if she still has the handbook, but is there anyway to get the code for this ?

    My 405 used to have the factory Clarion in and you could get the code simply by holding down the band button or something.

    The unit is mounted in the dash (factory) - marked 0G/A. Cassette.

    Just thought you guys might know - its worth a pint for me !



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    if she bought if from a main dealer you may have a chance there, otherwise....i think she can contact peugoet and for a fee? they will relase the code, however i think she has to prove the car is hers..etc etc..

    good luck

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