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Thread: Flashing Bios ?

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    Default Flashing Bios ?

    Firstly I have the latest bios version files and the utillity program and have made a bootable floppy. The problem is that there is no room to put these files on the floppy. I have been told that I can delete one or two files off the floppy.

    Would this be ok to do and if so which files am I ok deleteing. The boot disc is a Win M.E boot disc and is 1.16mb in size (size remaining is 232kb) and the files need 289kb.

    Many thanx for your help. Termy.

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    knowing ME BD that they use ramdisk all you need is the msdos.sys and io.sys (the latter 2 are hidden and system attributes) then copy the bios flasher and flash file then it should boot, if not create a boot cd then you'll have a lot of space then

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    You can always copy the BIOS flash utility and the BIOS file to a second floppy and then run it from that once you have booted from the first one.
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    Cheers guys, just done the deed and all sorted now.

    Many thanx, much appreciated. Termy.

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