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    Default Few questions before i get a system

    I am thinking of getting a motorised system, but im not sure exactly what.

    Is the Humax 5400 a digital reciever? I have read on several satellite sites that most providers are switching to digital so i want to get a digital reciever.

    Then if i get a motorised dish with DiSEcQ, is it easy to switch between the Astra and Hotbird satellites? Will i just be able to plug it all in the select what satellite i want to view? This is the main part thats confusing me.

    If i get a system without DiSEcQ, is it difficult to choose what satellite to view?

    Thanks in advance!

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    humax5400 = digital

    Diseq motorised is a doddle with humax, just upload settings to reciever. select a channel on astra and move dish until u get best signal then save. Next select a channel from hotbird and do the same and keep repeating this for all the sats you intend to use

    I really only use 42e, 28.2e, 19.2e, 16e, 13e, 5e, 1w, 30w

    every time you select a channel assigned to the position it will automatically move to the postion u saved

    could it be any easier

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