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    matrix / xbox live question

    I have just had an email from xbox saying I have been selected to be a betatester.

    I have my matrix chip set for the eject with original game makes xbox use original bios. I have not got round to doing anything other than physically inserting the modchip (not installed any software like dashboard etc).

    Can anyone tell me is it worth my time / money doing the beta test thing ?

    Can switch on bios to be original and then insert the broadband cable to xbox and then load xbox beta cd/dvd and play without being detected?

    If I install the evox software etc will it be detected by xbox live software if I continue with matrix chip install.

    Thanks in advance

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    the way i have set mine is to switch BIOS's original to boot xboxdash.xbe

    and the matrix to boot the the evo x dash

    not tried with the xbox live cd yet

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