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    Default Knockaround Guys

    i watched this film the other night, and it made me think to myself.

    Vin Diesel is on the verge of selling out already. If he signs up to do another load of XxX films then there can be no other assumption for it.

    if u look at every film he done before he made XxX he was brilliant, and the films he was in were brilliant. XxX just highlights to me how hollywood can take a low budget monster like Vin Diesel and propel him to international stardom and slowley work him to a mockery. He is hollywoods undoubted hottest property at the moment, and although money is going to be flying in at him i really wish he would chill the **** out and pick the right films...


    Knockaround Guys

    A mob flick that centres around a crime lords son who wants 'his chance' to proove to his daddy what a great mobster he would make - needless to say something happens to **** it up.......i will say no more.......

    i enjoyed the film, i thought it was a more enjoyable performance then XxX (although i did enjoy that too) - i seem to prefer Vin in his untamed roles, where he aint trying too hard.

    very good film, very small budget.

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    i didnt think much of this film

    altho all through the film i was trying to think of what film i saw that John Malkovich in (not being a big fan of his) then it hit me at the end

    Cyrus Grissom: I despise rapists. For me, they're somewhere between a cockroach and that white stuff that accumulates at the corners of your mouth when you're really thirsty. But, in your case, I'll make an exception
    hehe anyway back to the film, as webby said mob film, vin diesal wtf was he doing in that film?

    6/10 from me

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    good film, but why did they just not leave with the money and not give it to his father at the end and then leave? strange people! i would have made a runner

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