hi i have been out of the phone seen for a while so is there any good sites to refresh my knowledge of the ins and outs at the mo.

i chipped the old c12 back in the days and unlocked a old nokia. but my m8 got his t68i replaced on insurance then his old was was found and returned(lucky git). i know nokias are all reasonably easy to unlock but is that all that needs to be done if they are to be used after being barred??

after seeing the t68i unlocked on ebay for sale i take it my m8 just needsd to get it unlocked or flashed?

please give me some advise and point me in the direction of the information i require. also most new phones have an IR can u use this to unlock the phone?

sorry if this has been said before but i searched for old t68i threads and came up nothing that could help.