Coolio exits the Big Brother house

Saturday, August 28 2010, 15:02 BST

Coolio has walked out of the Big Brother house following another argument with Nadia.

Earlier, the pair argued after he hid some of her shoes in the bedroom, causing her to scream at the rapper.

Shortly afterwards Coolio went to the Diary Room and apparently remained there for several hours.

Eventually, at around 2.30pm, Big Brother informed housemates that Coolio had left the compound after a "mutual agreement".

There was a mixed reaction from the housemates upon hearing the news, with Makosi and Chantelle in particular looking upset, while Nadia remained quiet.

Nikki seemed happy with the news saying: "I feel so much better, I can relax." She also asked Chantelle if she was "sad". Chantelle said: "Some of the things he said were wrong, but I did genuinely like him."

Victor and Michelle watched the action from the bedsit. Victor said, "I wanted to find out what Coolio was like", and noted that Chantelle was "not happy".

Ulrika added that with Coolio: "There was an essence of unpredictability and volatility."

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