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    Xbox 360 Activision 'not planning' Black Ops beta

    Treyarch has shot down increasingly hot rumours that a Call of Duty: Black Ops public beta is set to arrive on Xbox Live and PSN.

    Speaking to CVG at the Black Ops multiplayer reveal event in LA this morning, Treyarch community man Josh Olin confirmed that Activision's not planning a public beta at the moment and said that current console trials are "internal only".

    "We're already doing an internal beta with all sorts of Activision studios - thousands of people are participating in our beta," he said.

    "That's the only formal beta that we're planning at the moment. There were a lot of misconceptions, confusion and Google ads. There was some speculation that we'd be launching a public beta tonight - that's not happening. The beta is internal only right now."

    He added: "Keeping it internal is very helpful for us. It allows us to move a lot faster on our builds, so if we want to change something we can easily push out a new build within the company to anyone who has one of these dev kits.

    "Call of Duty is so much this big mainstream thing that everybody at Activision is playing this game."

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    Default Re: Activision 'not planning' Black Ops beta

    clears up the rumours then. oh well. will have to wait for the actual release

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    Default Re: Activision 'not planning' Black Ops beta

    Games with no beta/demo always worry me...

    ...but this is COD....

    ...Yeah but it's Treyarch COD..hmmm!

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