Latest Beta Version: 2.0.15 beta

15 November

This version, while still beta, is a significant step forward for MailWasher.

2.0 Improvements:
Hotmail support!
Checks multiple accounts simultaneously.
Errors reported in digest form, rather than interrupting operation.
Advanced bouncing options.
Supports SMTP authentication.

2.0 Fixes:
Many many many fixes.
*2.0.08b fixes 'invalid index' and 'POP3 server not compliant' problems reported earlier*
*2.0.10b includes Hotmail proxy and MSN Hotmail support, many fixes*
*2.0.11b Further support for non-standard POP servers and miscellaneous fixes*
*2.0.12b Memory leak fix and other fixes*
*2.0.13b Small fixes for minor problems*
*2.0.14b Improvements, new installer and fixes*
*2.0.15b 'Invalid index' error fixed, proxy fixes, other small fixes*


It's an alternative to Mcafee Spamkiller (which is excellent) that also allows you to see if an attachment is with the email giving a handy safeguard against possible virus's.

I've hosted the new version along with the 'add-on' at a site [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] login is builders and the password is crack. There's a few other bits that might be handy to someone