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    Default Cavity Wall Question?

    I'm currently living in a rented 1930's house in Bristol which has a cavity wall. In the bedrooms there is a sliding plastic vent that I can open or close. The one in my bedroom is broken and is permanently open. Its not been an issue in the summer but now the temperature is dropping i'm starting to notice it again.

    During the winter the house is bloody freezing upstairs so i'm starting to think about what I can do to make it warmer. (or tell the landlord what I would like him to do).

    Can I block these vents to make the rooms warmer during the winter months? What purpose do they serve? What has everyone else done with their cavity walls?

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    Default Re: Cavity Wall Question?

    Loft insulation or lack of it is usually the problem with a freezing cold upstairs.
    Get your landlord to sort it, there are often some deals around to get it done cheap.

    As for the vents, they help reduce condensation i.e. damp, so be best to have them openable. Either get your landlord to fix them or replace them, or if he wont, replace them yourself. I know its his duty etc, but for speed and only a few £s it may be better to sort it yourself.

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    Default Re: Cavity Wall Question?

    Buy yourself some Aluminium vent covers with the sliding louvres,open in summer close when too cold,should be OK.And as said have a look at loft insulation.
    If the windows have vents then its Ok to block the wall vents,unless you have a solid fuel fire or gas fire in the room.

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    Default Re: Cavity Wall Question?

    the vents are there to provide air flow/air movement. don't close them as this will start to form black mould on the ceiling and walls, which is dangerous. ask you landlord about insulation! also keep ur heat on a bit longer, yes i know when you put ur heat on its like heating the outside but its the only thing that works.has ur house double glazing, most of these problems started when all these where installed. they seal like house like a drum and cause no air flow. its a real pain i know.
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