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    Default Resident Evil Afterlife

    FIrst i am a huge fan of the early games so i was prob always going to love this but this really is the best of the bunch the 3D effects are very good (as so they should this uses the camera that Cameron helped create for avatar)

    Second if you think "let there be blood" is what a film should be then you also may not like this but i LOVED IT guns,zombies,hot chicks,stuff blowing up its got everything and they have tried to make it more like the games story for me you notice a lot more from the games

    Top Top Film Go see it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
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    Default Re: Resident Evil Afterlife

    It's wank.

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    Default Re: Resident Evil Afterlife

    Saw this last friday, thought it was pretty good myself

    story is a bit thin etc plenty of action and very much in the vain of the other films,
    the 3d seemed a bit shoe-horned into it but was ok

    definately worth a watch
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    Default Re: Resident Evil Afterlife

    I've watched all of these films now. The first one I liked. The second two were abysmal but still kind of watchable in an utterly throwaway fashion. This wasn't as good as the first but better than the other two. If you liked the others I don't see why you wouldn't like this one. Possibly would have been better had Jill Valentine had more screen time than twenty seconds. Jovovich and Larter just aren't that great anymore and the one fit bird in the building dies within minutes of being introduced.

    However, don't bother spending your hard earned on the cinema. The 3D is a tad better than Clash of the Titans but it's still a million miles off Avatar and thus not a true 3D experience. What 3D there is doesn't enhance the visuals as much as watching the film in those specs detracts from it. Keep your money and download it because, let's be fair, it's still a piece of shit made by people with zero imagination regardless of whether you think There Will Be Blood is what a film should be about as in story, characterisation, plot, scripting and cinematography and how they should actually be combined to create a real and moving cinematic experience, or not.

    The greatest disappointment I'll draw from watching Resident Evil: Afterlife is that I was stupid enough to be taken in by the promise of a 3D experience and I've contributed to the making of more pieces of same as the last one, continuation of Matrix action rip-offs to horrible heavy metal soundtrack clones. Seriously, when will the action in these films move on? If it weren't for bullet time slow-mos these flicks would be about ten minutes long.

    In summation, it's a piece of shit but a piece of shit that you can watch. Barely. If you feel you have to, download it.

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    Default Re: Resident Evil Afterlife

    What is really sad is that the guy who has been directing the resident evil films was also responsible for Event horizon which was class.

    I will watch this eventually, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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