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    BBC News EU may take legal action against France over Roma

    EU may take legal action against France over Roma

    The EU Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reding, says the European Commission is considering legal action against France over its deportations of Roma (Gypsies).
    Ms Reding called French actions a "disgrace".
    Last week Euro MPs accused the Commission of failing to protect hundreds of Roma deported from France.
    France denies that the expulsions target an ethnic group, saying they are done on a case-by-case basis.

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    Default Re: EU may take legal action against France over Roma

    Difficult one, on the surface it seems outrageous but I'm sure there are people using it to their advantage, joining them as a means of skirting the law.
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    Default Re: EU may take legal action against France over Roma

    personally if i could afford it i would move to france in a shot, altho they might deport me lol.

    countries are finding things hard, here in the uk for example the coalition are on about massive cuts to jobs, services, social funding and just about everything really. with the country in such a state and us not being able to afford the welfare payments already it makes sense to deport people who are there to sponge off the dole and move to the country just to get better status.

    the missus has been looking for another job (she works as a nurse/carer atm) and we went in to the local job center the other week to see if anything was available for her. it was honestly like walking into a foreign country. the majority of people in there were foreign and it must put a strain on the available resources because we also have to pay translators and translated documents for all these people.

    its going to get to the point where all the native people in the country will end up suffering and paying more tax, losing more jobs and services and yet they still keep the doors wide open. its time to say we have enough in our country so on that score i think france should be entitled to do the same.

    in fact i think france lead by example and i think they have a lot of policies which are great at the minute.

    we are already seeing a massive housing shortage in our country, hospital waits are bigger than ever before and some jobs are non existent. even our students who get glowing grades are sometimes finding it hard to get any work due to the fact this country lets thousands of foreign students in each year.

    im not being racist but patriotic when i say we need to at some point do the same as france and stop the silly immigration laws because we are very quickly going to lose our identity and if we are not careful our way of life.

    i dont mind anyone fleeing persecution and gaining refuge to avoid death or torture but for years our country has been seen as a soft spot for immigrants of all nations to come here and be better off.

    we need to look after our own first.

    for example, i saw in the budget they were ringfencing the NHS and international spending???? if things are that bad we need to stop the international spending and concentrate on our own.

    it pisses me off to see adverts on tv for hundreds of far off countries which need help, but yet we have thousand if not millions of homeless people in our own country with no roof over their head and no regular hot meals.

    we have as a nation our priorities all wrong and seem to jump over hoops to help others when we should be helping ourselves.
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