Bournemouth Barclays bank bricked up in loans protest

The bank was bricked up for two hours on Sunday

A developer bricked up the front of a bank in Dorset in protest at the lack of credit available for small firms.
Cameron Hope said he had been turned down for a £240,000 loan and trying to get bank credit was like "talking to a brick wall".
He and other protesters built the wall at Barclays in Westbourne on Sunday, after plans to target NatWest were thwarted. It was quickly taken down.
Barclays said it had increased lending to small businesses this year by 14%.
The protesters removed the wall after two hours when told to do so by police.
Mr Hope said: "Over the last year we've had different problems with the banks thinking things are getting better and better but they are not, they are getting worse.
"Any charges they put on nobody can argue with them, that's if you can get any money in the first place.
"Overdrafts have been taken away from us, it is never-ending.

"You go into a bank and there's nothing there, the bank's open but the safe is shut."
He said the group had intended to brick up the NatWest branch but had had to change plans.
"When we arrived the police were everywhere [dealing with an unrelated incident] so we couldn't do it.
"It was Plan B and we drove up the road to Barclays - nothing against Barclays at all.
"We got quite a lot of people on our side while we were building the wall.
"The police came and they were good with us."
A Barclays spokesperson added: "We are very much open for business and there is money available to lend to viable businesses.
"The cost of lending is based on a number of factors including risk.
"Arrangement fees are part of this and are priced competitively in line with the market."

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