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    Apple Apple Releases iOS 4.2 Beta to Developers

    Apple has released the upcoming iOS 4.2 to its development community in the form of a beta build, bringing with it the promised wireless printing support, now officially dubbed AirPrint. Apple revealed in a press release that AirPrint will initially be compatible with current and future ePrint-capable HP Printers[COLOR=darkgreen ! important][/COLOR] with WiFi-enabled devices from other manufacturers supposedly coming in the future.

    Announced at Apple's [COLOR=#2B65B0 ! important][/COLOR]recent iPod refresh event, iOS 4.2 will also introduce a new media streaming feature called AirPlay, an evolution of Apple's music-only AirTunes. Finally, 4.2 will be the first version of iOS 4 to hit the iPad, giving Cupertino's tablet the arguably overdue ability to multitask. iPhone (as well as iPad and iPod touch) users can expect iOS 4.2 to get pushed out sometime in November.

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    Default Re: Apple Releases iOS 4.2 Beta to Developers

    If anyone is wanting to play with any of the new beta's, I have about 10 spaces left in my developer account so if you PM me with your UUID ill get you added

    PS: The multitasking on the iPad beta makes life a hell of a lot easier

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