just watched the film escape from sorbibo and it struck me how horrible and barbaric the germans were at the time. but the worst thing is that most of the guards were either polish/russian or ukrain origin who had been captured and then co-operated with their captors.

i had a lump in my throat as i watched the scene where all the mothers and babies were walking itnot the gassing sheds and i just could not fathom why a race of people could get to such a stage.

or is it just human nature? i think it will happen again, under a different guise or nation.

all those with faith i ask where god was that day when thousands of women and babies were walked into a massive gas chamber and slaughtered.

then we see idiots like nick griffin denying the holocaust ever happened, maybe he ought to visit some of the death camps and see the piles of hair, clothing and glasses accumulated over a short peiod of time.