Having huge problems with the mrs's VW Lupo. It has some type of 3rd party alarm which has started going off after I had to disconnect the battery. Talked to the seller and shes never had a alarm fob and its never gone off but since we removed the battery its not stopped.
Have been able to disconnect the siren and a bonnet switch which was linked but now the hazards keep going mental. Have tried to remove every single fuse separately but no luck.

Have also disconnected a dash button/light type thing by opening the dash but cant seem to get the hazards from going mental without taking the hazards fuse out.

I am now driving the vehicle without the hazards fuse which is ok for me but im not very happy with the mrs driving like that.

Any Ideas?? Easiest way to disconnect the bugger?? Is there a alarm ECU normally somewhere??
Anyone have any idea where the alarm system is normaly hidden on a lupo.