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    Default One week in to my new job

    Well, tomorrow will conclude my first full week at my new workplace. It feels longer but not in a bad way, the people there have been brilliant in helping me settle in. The IT department is pretty big, I counted 18 staff on our floor with various offices for each type of system the bank uses.

    The server room is bloody big and the kit in there is unbelievable, so many servers and some BIG figures were thrown at me cost wise, "This box here was about €100,000" there were racks of these things...

    Needless to say my swipe card does not have clearance for the server room

    The guys I directly work with have been really good, I think one of them is trying to earn brownie points with the managers as he's been really good with getting me up to speed.

    Monday and Tuesday were quiet for me, I didn't do much work, just followed a college around as he introduced me to various managers and department staff. Wednesday I was given some work to do around the office and today I pretty much started on the proper support stuff.

    So far so good, I've managed to complete all my tasks and most of the younger ladies have been very flirty with me and some of them are proper babes. Babes in tight blouses and hip hugging skirts, you know the type...

    I'm loving it.

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    Default Re: One week in to my new job

    you just need to get some pics of these ladies now...

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